Building Better Relationships


Want to communicate honestly and move through conflicts with ease and clarity?  

You are in the right place!

This course will give you practical scripts, new words and fresh approaches for better connections with anyone - at home and work.

I am delighted that you are here!


"I looked forward to the class each week. Learning to differentiate feelings (and that there are no good or bad feelings, just feelings) and strategies/needs was powerful for me. I am practicing pulling those apart every day – the cheat sheets were most useful for me because they gave me a tangible way to remember what we talked about and then put the work into practice."


"Dr. Erasmus’ class on Building Better Relationships grounded in compassionate communication principles opened up a whole world of rich possibilities for naming feelings and needs, and using them as the basis for communicating more effectively and lovingly."

Ricka K

Do you ... 

  • Want the strength and confidence to know exactly what to say next?   

  • Want practical strategies for self-compassion and self-connection?

  • Simple, clear steps for how to navigate difficult conversations more effectively?

  • Want to bring peace to your head and heart waging a war against each other? 


Then this course is for you.  Join me now. 



Compassion, mindfulness, neuroscience and communication scripts so you know exactly what to say.

I will show you how to synthesize and integrate tools and practices that draw from:

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Positive Psychology
Health Psychology
Mind-Body Medicine

Get instant access to videos that will walk you step-by-step through the paradigm shift and skill development that you have been looking for.

You'll have cheat sheets, slides and supplemental handouts, and access to the private facebook page where members can ask questions and share resources.

Membership in this group also gives you access to some free personalized coaching from me:  I answer questions through that group page regularly as you progress through the course.

Ask questions. Get personalized answers!


Find the freedom to be yourself while creating strong, connected relationships.





If you are anything like me, you've already tried a lot of things – a quick internet search generates a wealth of information, ideas and strategies for changing your relationships.


But, every strategy only gets you so far and then fizzles out, or leaves you hanging with no idea what to do next… for some reason nothing really works for lasting change, no matter how hard you are trying.


After suffering disappointment after disappointment, you may feel alone and confused as to why these trainings, strategies and systems seem to help other relationships, but not yours.


What am I doing wrong?

What am I missing?


Unfortunately, many of us are trying to create collaboration and partnership with outdated, domination-based relationship tools.


They don’t work. This course helps you change that.

What's the Problem?

There are at least 3 reasons why people struggle to make significant shifts in their relationships with others ... do any of these sound familiar to you?

Connection, clarity and ease - at home and work.

The bottom line is that many of us have been trying to improve our relationships using the very tools that pull us back in our old patterns.

You’ve done your best attempt to shift in the direction of your heart’s desires and the fact that you are still at it, simply speaks to your sheer will, determination, tenacity, and deep knowing that there is a better way to have relationships with ourselves, others, and our communities.

If you are anything like me, there are days where you’re just exhausted, disheartened, tired and ready to give up.

It would be easy to just settle into familiar, unsatisfying relationships and give up your hope of change and transformation.  You may wonder if you will ever be seen, heard and valued for who you really are, or get the intimacy, ease and freedom to be your authentic self that you long for.

Please don’t give up yet.

It is possible to create the understanding, partnership and ease that you are longing for, and it’s simpler than you think!

In this program, I will help you put the whole puzzle together: a better roadmap, an updated internal GPS, clarity about where to make simple but profound changes, and the possibility of enjoying and working with conflicts and emotions that you previously dreaded and avoided.

"Yvette is a tremendously gifted teacher who can unpack difficult material in such a way that empowers me to practice and grow. She can present her vast knowledge of compassionate communication through real life examples that ring true to us all. Her ability to respond to participants’ questions and use them as a means to further her teaching is truly exceptional. She knows her material so well, that she can welcome impromptu questions with ease. No where else have I found such clarity as I search to deepen my compassion for others and myself."


"Yvette, every time I’ve heard you teach — whether privately or in class — everything you say seems pertinent to my life and provids clarity in areas that have been perpetually covered in a fog."


Bridging differences has been my life’s work. I will share all the insights and mistakes I’ve made on my own journey with you, and offer these with the confidence and hope that they will bring you a sense of comfort, community, clarity and hope in your own journeying towards living in more alignment with your deep sense of self.


"As always, the content was excellent. The subject matter was inspiring and the way you presented was knowledgeable, thorough and exciting. I liked the format as sitting at home allowed it to feel more personal. I especially appreciated going over the physiology underlying the basics again of why we react."


"You continue to inspire me and give me hope to strive for connecting with myself and others in a way that is respectful, open and loving."

Jean B.

"This course was a wonderful experience. Made complete sense and I would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their relationships. Communication skills are a must, both verbally and the ability to discern non verbal cues. Thank you so much for helping so many of us with our communication skills, which enrich our relationships."

Linda B.
Instant access to all 21 videos to watch at your own pace
Personalized Q&A coaching from me through the private facebook group
Downloadable recordings of all the training sessions
Cheat sheets, checklists and handouts
Copies of the slides used


Before you can make effective changes in your relationships, you need to be clear on what your intentions and motivations are, and how you are going to live those with integrity.  First, I’ll give you a 30,000 foot view of how your relationships came to be the way they are today, and what you deeply wish to transform from the current state.

Topics we will cover:

  • Examining systems of domination and collaboration
  • How to identify our brilliant defenses (and, transform them gently)
  • Moving to shared humanity: embracing conflict as opportunity
  • The power of mindfulness and observation in changing direction


Most of us believe a wide variety of myths about feelings, how to work with them, and what really motivates human beings. This week we examine a new way of working with feelings in relationships and learn how connecting with deep universal needs beneath the surface enables us to make high quality, lasting changes.

Topics we will cover:

  • Tools for tracking, tolerating and reading emotions more effectively
  • Understanding the difference between underlying needs and the strategies you use to meet them, and why it makes a huge difference
  • How to use the power of empathy to soothe and transform conflict
  • Moving from separation to shared purpose


There are 2 main reasons most of us aren’t getting what we want in relationships:

1. We don’t actually know what we are wanting or what would help; we only know what we don’t want, and

2. We lack the skills to ask for what we’d like without stimulating defensiveness in the other person.

Topics we will cover in this section:

  • Steps for getting clearer on what you ACTUALLY want in any moment
  • The 3 characteristics of skillful, effective requests
  • Options and choices for when the other person says “no”
  • How to stay in dialogue when you seem to want different things
  • Word for word scripts to help you ask for the changes you need without evoking more resistance from others


After understanding our habits, our feelings, our needs and practicing making clear requests, we need skills to field the variety of responses that may come our way.  In this last module we will examine ways of listening and hearing what others may say back to us so that we can feel empowered and grounded, no matter what reactions we encounter from others.

Topics we cover in this section

  • Opening to hearing and integrating others’ points of view
  • The four listening & responding styles that impact your relationships
  • Practical examples for working with hard to hear messages from others
  • How to transform judgments into useful, connecting information

There is no risk at all: if you take the course, don’t find it useful or don’t learn anything new after the first 2 week’s worth of content, I’ll refund your money.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 week course Building Better Relationships. I was wary of the online format (never had tried it!), but the newness of it soon became familiar. Yvette was very organized. She is a gifted teacher and communicator, and the classes were interesting and informative. The content of the course material seemed to be speaking directly to me, which made me feel less alone as I realized that my relationship challenges are of course, experienced by many others as well. I highly recommend that you learn about non-violent communication (NVC) from Yvette Erasmus. From the personal to the global, you can improve your communication input, output and outlook!!!"

Beth G

"This webinar unpacked the material in such an understandable actionable way that I thought it would be great as a resource for ANYONE!"



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